Can holding in PEE be harmful to your health?

     Well we have all been in that excrutiating PAIN, at some point in our lives, where you REALLY NEEDED TO “GO” but couldn’t get to a bathroom.  (In a car, while tailgating, at some public event, etc….)  If you can HONESTLY tell me you have never been in a situation like this or felt this sheer pain,  than I would congratulate you…. and then probably call you a liar  :)

     While the point of this whole blog/website is to encourage people that a GoPilot Portable Urinal is a necessity to everyone, I want to write THIS PARTICULAR blog with an unbiased mind.  (Well, I’ll try)                                         :)

     So I got the idea for this article when I stumbled across an article claiming a woman once died from holding in her pee too long.  I guess the story goes something like this…there was a radio contest called “Hold Your WEE For a WII”.  They made the contestants drink as much water as possible and whomever held out the longest without using a bathroom won a WII.  Well this one female participant ending up lasting pretty long, but didn’t win.  Later that day she died from what doctors reported as “water intoxication” that overloaded her bladder and ended up killing her.  Water intoxication happens when electrolytes in the body get too low. This happens when you are working out too much without replenishing electrolytes but still drink large amounts of water, or it can happen when you drink massive amounts of water in a short period of time or without urinating to release excess water from the body

     This was overwhelmingly scary to hear.  Before getting a GoPilot I would often commute from Philly to New  York and Pittsburgh to Philly.  I ALWAYS had a full bladder and as painful as it was, I was too naive to ever THINK there could be health risks with holding it in so long.

     So…. I decided to do some reseach on my own.  You want to know what  health risks are from holding in your urine?  Aside from the already proven research done by Dr Peter Snyder finding that driving a vehicle with a full bladder is like driving drunk (*see references below), holding urine in your bladder for long periods of time can be very harmful.

    Holding in your pee may lead to a loss of bladder control or voiding dysfunction. Voiding dysfunction may occur in children who hold their urine too long and extend their bladder unnecessarily. In addition, the sphincter may not respond correctly if urine is constantly held in the bladder. If the nerves that carry messages are not firing correctly it may cause you to retain urine due to the inability of the sphincter muscles to relax.

     It can also lead to several urinary related problems, including urinary or bladder infection and kidney disease. When urine is allowed to sit in the bladder for long periods it can develop high levels of bacteria that may lead to these infections. A urinary tract infections—or UTI—can lead to the more serious bladder and kidney infections. These conditions are characterized by symptoms such as pain during urination, persistent need to urinate, fever, chills and stomach pain.

So….  there REALLY ARE problems that can occur when you hold in your pee too long!  Now of course, no one PLANS to hold in their pee….no one PLANS to get stuck in hours of traffic….no one PLANS to run into a CLOSED rest stop while traveling……      But these things CAN happen.

Even if you aren’t convinced on the GoPilot Portable Urinal System (which is small enough to hide underneath your seat….but large enough to hold a quart of urine!)  you need to find SOME KIND of emergency alternative.  Afterall, it could very well be a matter of life or death (at least according to that one poor woman who just wanted a WII Nintendo System, it was!)


Now, letting the biased part of my writing back in….  The GoPilot really is the BEST portable urinal out there.  I can confidently say that because I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE!  Not to mention….I am a woman!  So my critiquing was very thorough and strict.    I can HONESTLY say…whether I’m going out of town…or just to the post office….there is ALWAYS a GoPilot in my car.

Get yours NOW at and enter in the code SUMMER before August 30, 2012 to receive 20% off!

Doing the PEE PEE DANCE is never pretty.... well now it could even be HURTING you!!!



*Side Effects of Holding a Bladder |


*Side Effects of Holding a Bladder |

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