GoPilot Portable Urinal now partially covered by Medicare!

Kolter Enterprises is SO excited that Medicare has decided to give us a code so that physicians can write patients a prescription for a GoPilot!  In the state of Pennsylvania, the reimbursement is approximately $11….that’s a 36% savings!!!!! 

Would YOU turn down a 36% off coupon?

  If you would like a GoPilot, simply tell your physician to write a script for a portable urinal.  (Every state has a different rate of refund).  Purchase your GoPilot at or at (once the fall catalog comes out) and submit both your receipt AND your doctor’s prescription to Medicare!  IT’S THAT EASY! 

Email or call (610) 724 6734 for more information!  Visit the website at for more GoPilot products coming soon!


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