The Most Versatile Personal Urinal System

The GoPilot is the most convenient portable handheld urinal on the market today. It consists of a quart-sized container, accordion-style tube, and two leak-proof caps. This unique design keeps it easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store!

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What is the GoPilot?

It is a gray, quart-sized tank, with accordion-style tube and twistable caps to ensure it remains odorless and leak- proof. Includes a cloth bag that can be placed over your lap to ensure privacy.

GoPilot Testimonials

  • Perfect for Frequent Evening Needs

    I used to have to wake up my wife every few hours at night to help me out of bed so I could use the bathroom. Now she can stay asleep and I don’t have to worry.

    – Larry

  • Bathroom Emergencies No Longer a Concern

    My husband has had very bad knees for quite some time now. I came across this GoPilot online and since purchasing one, I am now able to leave to run errands!

    – Linda

  • Giving My Dad the Freedom to Enjoy Life

    I bought my dad one so he could finally watch an entire football game without having to go to the bathroom nearly every 20 minutes! Now he can enjoy the whole game!

    – Charles

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Six Reasons to Get a GoPilot Today

Reason #1


The GoPilot is the most convenient personal urinal ever developed. It’s highly portable, easily carried, and even perfect for long car trips. The accordion-style tubing is the perfect length for standing, sitting and bedside uses – and the twistable caps make sealing the GoPilot very convenient.

Reason #2

Ease of Use

No matter where or when you need to use the GoPilot, it’s easy. The flat base tank sits steadily on the floor of your home or car. With twistable caps, long accordion-style tube and optional female urinal adapter, the GoPilot is easy for anyone to use.

Reason #3


The GoPilot comes with a cloth bag for easy transportation and storage. And, it doubles as a cover for your lap while using the GoPilot, ensuring privacy in your home, car or outdoors. The simple grey color of the GoPilot lets it blend in with surroundings, while remaining easily within reach.

Reason #4

Portable/Travel Friendly

The GoPilot was designed with travel in mind. With a smooth, flat base on the tank, the GoPilot sits steadily on the floor of your home, car or boat. Complete with a cloth bag for travel and storage, the bag doubles as a cover for your lap while using the GoPilot.

Reason #5

Peace of Mind

With the GoPilot you can be confident when you travel, feel relaxed in your home and be able to rest easy at night. The GoPilot gives you the freedom to do what you want. Never feel pressured into leaving early or worrying about being near a bathroom again. With the GoPilot, you can maintain your peace of mind.

Reason #6


The GoPilot has been designed for use whether you are sitting, standing or laying down. The accordion-style tube allows use of the GoPilot in cars, at home and on trips. Female urinal attachments are available – and the wheel chair kit makes it the most versatile personal urinal on the market.

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