Help us get into SPORTY’S Pilot Shop!

Sporty's Pilot Shop is an excellent store for pilots!

Let's get the GoPilot into this amazing Pilot Supplies store!

We are up for consideration to be sold in the Sporty’s Pilot Shop Catalog!  This would be a huge honor for Kolter Enterprises!  In our experience at various homeshows, we have met several private pilots that recommended this catalog.  Most small engine planes have a tube type of shoot that the (male) pilot can urinate into.  This does not accommodate females (especially female passengers)!  We have heard countless testimonials and stories about how the GoPilot has saved these pilots hundreds of dollars in emergency landing fees so their passengers can stop and “go real quick”.

Sporty’s has expressed interest in evaluating our GoPilot, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that they love it as much as our customers do!

Check out their website  They have excellent Pilot Supplies and the GoPilot would fit right in :)

Want to take it a step further?  Call customer service at (513) 735 9000 and recommend the GoPilot be added to their store!!

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