Hey travelers & commuters: have an extra $1,000 to spare?

When U Gotta Go...U Gotta GOPILOT!

Over 78% of Americans have admitted to urinating in a bottle or container while driving at some point in their lives.   Many of these containers end up along roadways as trash, tossed out of windows as “urine bombs”.  Not only is this unsightly, but someone eventually must clean up by emptying the urine and disposing of these bottles, which can be disgusting and unsanitary.

“Urine bombs” tossed from vehicles are a very real problem along highways in the United States.  In fact, pitching them along roadsides could bring a fine of up to $1,000 under a bill introduced by a various states’ lawmakers.  Senator Kimberly A. Zurz from Ohio was prompted to introduce the bill by an Ohio Department study that found that nearly 1 million containers of urine are dumped along Ohio roads every year.  “This bill cracks down on those who believe Ohio’s highways are their own personal bathroom,” she said in a statement.  And that number was just for the state of Ohio!  Imagine how much urine is being littered in all the other states!  As of 2011, several other states are following Ohio’s path.  It is now a fine of up to $1,000 to litter a bottle of urine on most major roadways between New York and California. 

 According to a truck stop employee at Travel America, if you get caught even throwing away a bottle of urine IN THE TRASH, you can get a $100 fine for disposing human waste!  So even if you don’t litter the bottle, throwing the bottle away before emptying it can yield you a nice little fine!

Thanks to The GoPilot, this issue is no longer a problem and the fine is completely preventable!

Now, I know we would all prefer to use a restroom…no doubt about it!  However, there are a few random times when a restroom just isn’t around.  For these emergencies, the GoPilot is a lifesaver!  For the one time cost of $29.95, you can prevent hundreds (even thousands) of dollars worth of possible fines and totally emliminate any anxiety of “oh man, I spot a traffic jam up ahead and I just finished a large coffee!” 

The GoPilot is a wonderful invention that can be discreetly hidden out of sight underneath the seat of a car or even in a purse or diaper bag.  It assembles together to be adjustable to any height and comes with twisable caps to prevent leaking and odor.  It holds up to a quart of urine (which is the approximate amount of urine of urinating 3-4 times.)  It also comes with sanitizer to clean hands AND the sanizitizer can also deodorize and sanitize the GoPilot too! 

Even if you only get stuck once every five years, $29.95 is worth peace of mind that anytime you get in your car, you are safe :)

For more questions visit www.TheGoPilot.com or email info@thegopilot.com.



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