Kids peeing in public…We want YOUR opinion!

        Is it OK to let your kid “GO” in public?  We want to hear your opinion!

Most parents have been in that sticky situation where your kid really needs to GO… but there is NO restroom around.  What is the appropriate thing to do?  Let them urinate in public?  Have them hold it (and risk the pain and suffering!)?  Or let them wet their pants?

If you’ve seen The View episode where the ladies discuss this exact topic (  you might have your own opinion.
So what IS the appropriate thing to do?  Well Kolter Enterprises, LLC now has the answer!!!  The Jr. GoPilot!!!!  This portable urinal is a complete lifesaver!  Whether you are out running errands, spending the day at the park, or headed off on a long roadtrip.  The Jr GoPilot is what EVERY mom, dad, diaper bag, and car needs! 
The flexible, adjustable tube makes for easy use and the included sanitizer makes for easy clean up! 
Having a toddler urinate into an empty water bottle is tough business!  So don’t hunt through your car for old trash for your kid to pee in….  Instead, use the Jr GoPilot for any emergency situation!
Visit or email with any questions or concerns!

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