Kolter Enterprises Introduces The Potty On! – a Children’s GoPilot Portable Urinal

Don’t let your kids pee in public anymore!




IT’S HERE!  IT’S FINALLY HERE!  The children’s GOPILOT is finally here!!!!!

World, meet the POTTY ON!

POTTY ON!, meet the world!


Kolter Enterprises is celebrating it’s third year in business with the latest and greatest invention ever in the whole world!!!!!!!!!   THE POTTY ON!

This POTTY ON! portable urinal device is perfect for children of all ages (with parent’s help at first) and can be used into adulthood!  (Heck, I’ve even used my daughter’s POTTY ON! when my GoPilot was at home!)


The same benefits of the GoPilot (easy to store,  easy to use, and easy to clean) only BRIGHTER and MORE FUN!  The bright neon green color it comes in is gender neutral and kids of all ages will love putting stickers of accomplishment on their POTTY ON! tank!


Get your POTTY ON! TODAY at www.TheGoPilot.com and live (and drive) happily ever after!!!!

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