Mother gets $50 public urination ticket for her 2 year old’s accident in the city of Brotherly Love!

By the time a toddler ACKNOWLEDGES he needs "TO GO" you have all of 1 minute to find a bathroom! OR ELSE!

You guys HAVE GOT to see this:


Every parent of a potty training two year old has been there….while standing in line….at a store….at the post office….or while in the car…. you hear out of nowhere:  “mommmmm i hafta pee”.  The problem is…by the time a 2 year old feels the need to announce it, it’s either too late or you have MAYBE 30 seconds to find a toilet. 

So what do you do?

Well this happened to one poor mother, while shopping in Philly.  She asked the store clerk but due to store policy, their bathrooms are not open to the public.  The child has to go so badly, that before the mom realized, the child was peeing on a street pole.  A policeman wtnessed this and ticketed her. 

After reading the story featured on NBC News….I read further down the page to the comments.  It AMAZED me how a ton of the responses were negative towards the mother.  There was name calling and even sarcasm about her being a bad mother.  Has NO ONE ever had to make the decision….”Should my child wet him/herself…OR…. pee in the grass?”  Before the GoPilot it seemed like this was a daily question I had to ask myself.  Kids pee more than anyone OR ANYTHING on the planet.  It’s painful.  Sometimes I would actually WISH my six year old would just wear a diaper when we go in public! 

I know I’m biased….but seriously….the GOPILOT is the solution to this issue!  Whether at the park, the post office, the grocery store, driving in the car….ANYWHERE….I know that I just need to make it over to my car and my kid will not have an accident.  Not to mention…peeing in a GoPilot in the privacy of my car is much cleaner than using a fast food chain’s bathroom!


So spread the word.  People ARE getting tickets…not just for public urination for themselves….but even if your child does it!  It’s a horrible circumstance NO ONE WANTS to be in….but keeping a GoPilot in your car, purse, or diaper bag can save you from this insanely expensive charge!

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