Our first GoPilot Contest! What’s YOUR crazy pee story? Win a $50 Gift Card!

                             Inventor of the Original GoPilot!

Hey everyone!

So Kolter Enterprises is hosting a contest for your chance to win a $50 gift card to one of the following:  Macys, Barnes and Noble, or Dick’s Sporting Goods.  WINNER GETS TO PICK!

We need everyone to post their worst pee story…whether it’s an embarrasing moment….a time you were stranded…..or the worst place you ever had to “GO” in an emergency.

Once we have AT LEAST 20 entries, we will judge the best one and the winner gets to pick the $50 gift card of choice!  We can’t pick a winner until there is at least 20 entries!

Pass this contest on!  The more entries the better!

Email Info@TheGoPilot.com for more information!

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