Prostate problem made Gerard Depardieu pee on plane causing humiliation and flight delay…he NEEDS a GoPilot!

Actor Gerard Depardieu pictured on February 19, 2010. Photo Credit: REUTERS/Christian Charisius

This story saddens me.  Last year (August 2011) Gerard Depardieu was on a plane and desperately needed to use the restroom.  He has a horrible problem with his prostate and as anyone will tell you- PROSTATE ISSUES ARE NO JOKE…. WHEN YOU GOTTA GO- YOU GOTTA GO!!!!

Well when the stewardess wouldn’t let him use the restroom, he tried to urinate into an empty bottle.  Unfortunately, the bottle overflowed and urine spilled all over the airplane around him.  The overflow caused a mess, a flight delay, and most horribly, an embarrased and humiliated man.

This happens so often.  People get caught in these desperate situations.  Even if your prostate is healthy, situations can occur like this… there’s no way to predict it.  The best you can do is PLAN for it.  Keep a GoPilot Portable Urinal with you (everywhere you go) and this type of embarassing fiasco won’t ever happen to you.  The size and adjustable shape of the GoPilot allows for easy and discreet storing.  It can easily fit into a  backpack, diaper bag, or travel carry-on bag. 

Like I always say…” I hope I never NEED to use the GoPilot….but I always carry one JUST IN CASE”.  It’s the best “plan B” (so to speak) for when there’s just no other restroom option around.

Embarrassing situations are the worst….I can’t imagine the humility Gerard Depardieu felt.  I hope others that suffer from medical conditions (bladder, prostate, kidney, etc….) don’t EVER have to suffer this self-effacement.  I know I have been selling, advertising, and promoting the GoPilot on every outlet humanly possible…..but use this as a lesson….at some point in time (as much as you DONT THINK it will happen,  IT WILL)….you will need to pee and you wont have anywhere to GO.  Prepare now and order your GoPilot Portable Urinal!

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