Before you decide to pee in public, READ THIS

Got $2,000 to spare.... all because you can't find a bathroom?

Public urination-  something people do all the time.  It’s innocent really.  You are out and about…maybe had a little to drink or two….and BAM the feeling of a full bladder hits like a slap in the face.  Holding it in becomes harder and harder and more painful and painful with each passing minute.  The line at the bathroom (inside the closest restaurant) is all the way out the door.  Can you make it?
Just when you are about to EXPLODE you find a vacant alleyway or a deserted tree off in the distance.  You “drop trou” and start to urinate in hiding.  Never has it felt so good to “let go” of that anxiety.
Then….ALL OF A SUDDEN…. a cop is behind you with a flashlight pointing right at you!  You’re busted! 
Now you are written up for “public urination” which you think is just a small citation.  WRONG.  It’s a nice little $2,000 fine PLUS the possible charge of Indecent Exposure (A SEX CRIME!!!)  $4,000 in attorney fees later, you get it knocked down to disorderly conduct.  (Which is on your public record.) School teachers are losing their teaching license over this!  Working professionals are getting fired for this being on their record.  And college graduates are having trouble landing a job with this charge on their background check!
You can get yourself a $29.95 GoPilot.  Store it under the seat of your car.  Use it for these random emergencies (WITH the included privacy shield) and NEVER have to worry about this dilemna ever again.
Go to and order yours today!

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