Public Urination = Indecent Exposure = Sex Crime = REGISTER AS SEX OFFENDER!!!

Public Urination = Indecent Exposure = Sex Offense

While selling GoPilots to tailgaters at an Eagles game a few months ago, I came across a few “40-somethings” sitting around having some fun.  I approached them and told them about the GoPilot.  One guy said “If only I had that last year I would’ve saved myself $14,000 in legal fees.”  I looked at him confused and asked him to explain.

He said “One night after a few hours of drinking in Manayunk, we were driving home around 2 am.  I had my friend who was driving pull over so I could pee. Well I got caught!  A cop saw me and got me for indecent exposure.  Months later, I received notification that it’s a sex crime.  I spent $14,000  getting it knocked down to disorderly conduct which is just a misdemeanor, but man did that suck!  I WISH I woulda had one of these last year!”

I was so surprised by this!  I think it’s a bit far-fetched to relate “acting on Mother Nature” to a “sex offense”  but unfortunately it is what it is!  Unless you get a really cool cop and/or judge, you could really get screwed!

Still surprised by the one dude’s story, I kept on selling these GoPilots that day …they were a huge hit for the more intoxicated tailgaters :)  After 4 hours, we met THREE MORE men who were CURRENTLY ON the sex offenders list for similar reasons….PUBLIC URINATION!

I came home and did some research.  According to here’s what I found: 

Can you get put on the sex offenders registry for public urination?
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 The answer to this may vary from country to country.   Absolutely yes, in  the US.

 In the past public urination was charged as indecent exposure. There was little  thought to how that was worded until the sex offender registry became so broad  that it included all who were convicted of this crime. Thousands of people  register for public urination, mooning, streaking and many other acts that don’t  fit the image we have of a sex offender. Only a few US states have changed the  laws to correct the public urination and sex offender registration issue.

Some  states had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for the man power and costs  of writing a new law that separated public urination from indecent exposure.  Those that were already charged using the old law have to hire an attorney and  go to court and request relief from the registry. Most offenders have trouble  finding work so few have the financial means to hire an attorney and be removed. 

Keep in mind that only a few states have made these changes but others are  beginning to see they have gone too far and that reform is required in order to  make the registry a useful tool again. Currently with so many small crimes  included law enforcement is stretched too thin to monitor the truly dangerous  offenders. This increases the risk to children as the offenders that need to be  monitored are treated the same as those who did little if anything wrong at all.
       Currently, only 6 US states require a child to be present for it to be  an offense. The others will charge you no matter what. A few states have taken  steps to prevent this from happening but most have not.

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Whether you agree with it or not….it’s a reality.  THE  ONE GOOD THING THOUGH- THIS CAN ALL BE PREVENTED WITH A GOPILOT!!!!!!!!  Save yourself the time, money, humiliation, and criminal record by keeping a GoPilot with you :)

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