Can you get arrested for public urination (indecent exposure)? Find out!

So you have a full bladder and there's no place to "GO". What do you do? Pee your pants? No. Find a hidden tree? Not always as easy as it sounds! What about going behind an alley way dumpster? Hmmm. You better watch out! If you live in any of the following states, you can be charged with a SEX OFFENSE if you get caught peeing in public. Get this though- you can even be charged for peeing in your OWN back yard!!! See if your state is one of the following states to prosecute public urination Read more [...]

Top 10 Reasons why every truck driver needs a GoPilot

Top 10 Reasons why every truck driver needs a GoPilot: So you are about to hit the open road and nervous about it? Here are some reasons why YOU need a GoPilot Portable Urinal device! 10. “Pee Bombs” (bottles of urine) are polluting our nation’s highways costing millions of tax dollars to clean up! 9. The liter sized (as well as the 3-liter) GoPilot tank ensure there’s no overflow! 8. You don’t need to hunt for empty bottles (i.e. Trash!) in the truck Read more [...]

The new 2015 GoPilot commercial is finally here!!!


For the first time in 5 years, Kolter Enterprises has a commercial/video. This commercial features the GoPilot, the Lady GoPilot, and the Deluxe GoPilot, but as you all know we have several other products and variations on our website Check out what a great job Perlow Productions did on our video --> and be sure to give us feedback!!! Read more [...]

GoPilot Products are Becoming a Household Name!

Kolter Enterprises is so pleased to announce the 2014 list of stores that offer GoPilot products!!, Gateway Pharmacy, Paoli Pharmacy,, Starcrest Products,,,, Taylor Gifts, Senior Living,, All About Baby, Sportys Pilot Shop,, Boky Mart, Aircraft Spruce, Gold Violin, Johnson Smith Company, Lily's As Seen On TV Items, Hayward House, and MTS Medical SupplyGet yours at any of the above stores listed or shop Read more [...]

Kolter Enterprises’s featured interview of THE POTTY ON! on Welcome Home TV on the above YouTube link to see what the POTTY ON! is all about!  This interview was done at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas in September 2014. The GoPilot and Potty On! products were a huge success at the tradeshow and Kolter Enterprises cannot wait to see what else is in store for these great new products!!! Visit today and see all the wonderful products on the market!  Read more [...]

GoPilot presents The Wheelchair Kit!!!!!! The wheelchair portable urinal system ANYONE can use!

Check out Kolter Enterprises' latest product!  The GoPilot Wheelchair Kit!  This kit allows any GoPilot user to discreetly hide his/her GoPilot underneath the seat of the wheelchair.  The tube can then easily extend upwards for use and no one has to know anything!     Read more [...]

Pictures of the Lady GoPilot are here! Now women won’t get stranded “having to go”!!!!

It's HHHEEEEERRRRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Lady GoPilot is finally here! Check it out!  It comes with a toiletry bag that has pockets to hold hand sanitizer and toilet paper (both included!!)       Read more [...]

Man Caught Peeing by Google Street View…decides to SUE!

This article is from Man caught urinating by Street View sues Google Lawsuit: Man's faced blurred, but locals still recognized him UPDATED 11:51 AM EST Mar 02, 2012   Google Google's Street View promises to help viewers explore places around the world through 360-degree street-level imagery. But a man in France claims the application Read more [...]

The GoPilot won the “Next 100 Million Dollar Product” Contest on Radio Show!

Well the results are in!  After being interviewed on the wonderful radio show on (even with the telephone glitch that cut off and muted half of our interview) we won the popular vote!  We were up against some great competition- two other inventions that are certainly wonderful ideas.... but at the end of the few days of voting (via text, twitter,, and the survey on the actual website, the results came in with 59% of the vote going to the GoPilot!!!Kolter Enterprises Read more [...]

Mother gets $50 public urination ticket for her 2 year old’s accident in the city of Brotherly Love!

You guys HAVE GOT to see this: Every parent of a potty training two year old has been there....while standing in a the post office....or while in the car.... you hear out of nowhere:  "mommmmm i hafta pee".  The problem the time a 2 year old feels the need to announce it, it's either too late or you Read more [...]