Can you get arrested for public urination (indecent exposure)? Find out!

So you have a full bladder and there's no place to "GO". What do you do? Pee your pants? No. Find a hidden tree? Not always as easy as it sounds! What about going behind an alley way dumpster? Hmmm. You better watch out! If you live in any of the following states, you can be charged with a SEX OFFENSE if you get caught peeing in public. Get this though- you can even be charged for peeing in your OWN back yard!!! See if your state is one of the following states to prosecute public urination Read more [...]

Top 10 Reasons why every truck driver needs a GoPilot

Top 10 Reasons why every truck driver needs a GoPilot: So you are about to hit the open road and nervous about it? Here are some reasons why YOU need a GoPilot Portable Urinal device! 10. “Pee Bombs” (bottles of urine) are polluting our nation’s highways costing millions of tax dollars to clean up! 9. The liter sized (as well as the 3-liter) GoPilot tank ensure there’s no overflow! 8. You don’t need to hunt for empty bottles (i.e. Trash!) in the truck Read more [...]

Man Caught Peeing by Google Street View…decides to SUE!

This article is from Man caught urinating by Street View sues Google Lawsuit: Man's faced blurred, but locals still recognized him UPDATED 11:51 AM EST Mar 02, 2012   Google Google's Street View promises to help viewers explore places around the world through 360-degree street-level imagery. But a man in France claims the application Read more [...]

Mother gets $50 public urination ticket for her 2 year old’s accident in the city of Brotherly Love!

You guys HAVE GOT to see this: Every parent of a potty training two year old has been there....while standing in a the post office....or while in the car.... you hear out of nowhere:  "mommmmm i hafta pee".  The problem the time a 2 year old feels the need to announce it, it's either too late or you Read more [...]

Public Urination = Indecent Exposure = Sex Crime = REGISTER AS SEX OFFENDER!!!

While selling GoPilots to tailgaters at an Eagles game a few months ago, I came across a few "40-somethings" sitting around having some fun.  I approached them and told them about the GoPilot.  One guy said "If only I had that last year I would've saved myself $14,000 in legal fees."  I looked at him confused and asked him to explain.He said "One night after a few hours of drinking in Manayunk, we were driving home around 2 am.  I had my friend who was driving pull over so I could pee. Well I Read more [...]

Our first GoPilot Contest! What’s YOUR crazy pee story? Win a $50 Gift Card!

                             Inventor of the Original GoPilot! Hey everyone! So Kolter Enterprises is hosting a contest for your chance to win a $50 gift card to one of the following:  Macys, Barnes and Noble, or Dick's Sporting Goods.  WINNER GETS TO PICK! We need everyone to post their worst pee story...whether it's an embarrasing moment....a time you were stranded.....or the worst place you ever had to "GO" in an emergency. Once we have AT LEAST 20 entries, Read more [...]

Before you decide to pee in public, READ THIS

Public urination-  something people do all the time.  It's innocent really.  You are out and about...maybe had a little to drink or two....and BAM the feeling of a full bladder hits like a slap in the face.  Holding it in becomes harder and harder and more painful and painful with each passing minute.  The line at the bathroom (inside the closest restaurant) is all the way out the door.  Can you make it? Just when you are about to EXPLODE you find a vacant alleyway or a deserted tree off Read more [...]