Top 10 Reasons why every truck driver needs a GoPilot

Top 10 Reasons why every truck driver needs a GoPilot: So you are about to hit the open road and nervous about it? Here are some reasons why YOU need a GoPilot Portable Urinal device! 10. “Pee Bombs” (bottles of urine) are polluting our nation’s highways costing millions of tax dollars to clean up! 9. The liter sized (as well as the 3-liter) GoPilot tank ensure there’s no overflow! 8. You don’t need to hunt for empty bottles (i.e. Trash!) in the truck Read more [...]

The new 2015 GoPilot commercial is finally here!!!


For the first time in 5 years, Kolter Enterprises has a commercial/video. This commercial features the GoPilot, the Lady GoPilot, and the Deluxe GoPilot, but as you all know we have several other products and variations on our website Check out what a great job Perlow Productions did on our video --> and be sure to give us feedback!!! Read more [...]