My wife is temporarily bedridden after her surgery and the GoPilot is the only portable urinal on the market that worked for a woman to use while lying down! I don’t know how we’d manage without it!

Ben & Tammy, Florida

...I used to have to wake up my wife every few hours in the middle of the night to help me out of bed just so I could use the bathroom. Now she can stay asleep and I don’t have to worry about trying to stand up on my own. The GoPilot has changed our lives!

Larry, Pennsylvania

I used to purposely keep an empty water bottle in my car for “emergencies”. I read about the GoPilot and thought, ‘I don’t want to spend money when I can just keep my empty bottle in my car.’ Well that was all fine until I got stuck on the turnpike for 2 hours and realized I forgot my empty bottle! Never again will this happen to me! I just got my GoPilot in the mail and I instantly stuck it in the backseat of my car so I never have to even THINK about finding an empty bottle next time!

Herb, New Jersey

I’m not dreading plowing this winter now that I got myself a GoPilot. There’s nothing worse than drinking large coffees to stay awake at 3am, and then having to pee outside in the dark & freezing cold.

Alex, New York

I have only had to bring out the GoPilot once (for my 8 year old son) but it was a huge lifesaver! We were stuck on 95 and it was snowing! I didn’t want him to “go” along the road on a highway so I pulled out the GoPilot from under the passenger seat for him to use. BEST MONEY EVERY SPENT! I won’t drive anywhere without one now!

Melissa, Maryland

I used to make my sons pee in zip lock baggies when we drove to the beach. Now they LOVE using their GoPilots! Each time one of the boys uses his GoPilot he gets a sticker on the side of it. Then the kid with the most stickers at the end of the trip gets a treat! It makes time go a little nicer and we don’t have to stop nearly as much as we used to!

Megan and Brad, Virginia

I bought my dad one so he could finally watch an entire Cowboys game without having to get up every 20 minutes to pee- missing all of the best plays! He’s a changed man! LOL

My wife insisted I land our airplane on the way to Maine because she just could not hold it any longer. That not only was difficult for her, but also was responsible for an additional 45 minutes to my trip, not to mention the added costs! I will keep this in any vehicle I am in from now on.

"I love the GoPilot! My husband has had very bad knees for quite some time now. I need to be home with him at all times in the event he needs help getting up to use the bathroom, which means I was never able to leave my house during the day. I came across this GoPilot online and since purchasing one for my husband, I am now able to leave to run errands! I can keep it next to his chair and I don't have to worry that he will have a bathroom emergency when I leave for a few hours. This GoPilot has given me my life back!"

*The first name has been changed at the writers request
Linda*, Texas
We are parents to 4 yr. old triplets and will not go anywhere without the GoPilot. We have them in both cars and have used them often - especially during the potty training process! Everyone goes to the bathroom before leaving the house but it's inevitable that we get on the road and someone has to go! No matter where we are, it's so convenient to pull to the side of the road, grab the GoPilot from underneath the seat and assist one of them to use the GoPilot. It's fast, convenient and clean!
Karen, PA