The GoPilot aka “The Go Anywhere” is OFFICIALLY in its FIRST catalog! The Gold Violin



    Kolter Enterprises is SOOOOO excited that the third quarter is finally here!  We’ve been looking forward to this since May!!      The GoPilot is in Gold Violin’s 3Q catalog and website!!! 

    Gold Violin is a Norm Thompson company and offers various medical supplies that help people with A.D.L. (Activities of Daily Living).  In fact, their slogan is: “Gold Violin:  Helpful Products for Independent Living”  It is a fantastic catalog and we are honored to be apart of it!

     So far the response is wonderful!  Ater only 5 days on the market, Gold Violin has ALREADY asked us for more!!!  Gold Violin had to change The GoPilot’s name (for their store) and they call it The Go Anywhere.  We LOVE that!!! 

     This is such an exciting time for us!  Check out our first ever catalog page at  andif you own a GoPilot, please feel free to leave us feedback (and hopefully 5 stars) on the product review section!


Check it out and let us know what you think!! 





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