The GoPilot made its DEBUT on the Gateway Pharmacy Marquis in Phoenixville!

Gateway Pharmacy is the oldest family-owned pharmacy in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania .  It has everything-  grocery items, medicine, cleaning supplies, gifts, toys, and it even use to be a place to rent videos (back in the time of VHS)!  It was a one-stop-shop for a lot of us Phoenixville’ians. 

When Gateway put up the big MARQUIS that advertises their latest products, sales, and promotions, I thought that was so cool.  It was always nice to watch the different things scroll through while I was stopped at the Nutt Road & Gay Street stop light.  I love that store and I always love seeing what new products they are selling!

With all that being said….you cannot IMAGINE the thrill I got when the owner, Henry Katra, told us he would gladly do a “trial run” with our GoPilots in his Medical Supply department!  I felt like a miniature celebrity.  OUR GoPilots would be on the shelves right next to nationally marketed medical equipment.  How cool is that? 

Well none of this excitement even comes close to comparison as to the first time I actually saw THE GOPILOT on THE Gateway Marquis!!!!  I almost got into a fender bender, I was so excited!  I pulled over to take a picture and before I could snap the shot of the Introduction to the GoPilot Portable Urinal, I was able to capture the next shot- which says “When You Gotta Go…Go Pilot”.  I yelled to my six year old in the back seat “Check that out!  We’re famous!  Call PopPop and tell him his GoPilot is on the BIG SCREEN!” 

I know most of you will read this and think I’m silly for making this such a big deal.  We have our GoPilots in actual catalogs, stores, and websites….yet for some reason….Being on that huge Marquis of the store I grew up shopping at, really made my day….and I felt like sharing this with the world   :)

The Gateway Pharmacy Marquis says "WHEN YOU GOTTA GO...GO PILOT!


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