The GoPilot was a HUGE Success at the Pittsburgh INPEX Convention!

Jim hard at work representing Kolter Enterprises!

From June 13-15 we had the amazing opportunity of displaying a Kolter Enterprises booth at the INPEX Convention for inventors.  We met so many great people and fellow inventors and had the opportunity to “PITCH” our GoPilot to several wonderful companies!  The GoPilot was an overwhelming success and thanks to this week in Pittsburgh, we are walking away with amazing opportunities to appear in catalogs, websites, and stores nationwide.

Look for us in upcoming “Gold Violin” Catalogs, “Lily’s As Seen On TV Items” Stores in 3 different Tennessee(Smokey Mountains) locations, and even on the official “As Seen on TV .com” website!  We got to meet Mark Harrington from Shark Tank (he is the owner of As Seen on and he loved our GoPilot!  For as successful and wealthy as he is, I must say, he is an incredibly cool guy and very down-to-Earth.  He is an exceptional public speaker and even with his “celebrity”, he makes you feel like a friend!

We also had the privilege of meeting the head buyers of Sky Mall and they were insanely awesome!  They really loved our GoPilot and are 90% sure we can appear in the 4th quarter catalog (they just need to be sure the topic of “urination” won’t be a “no no” in a catalog seen by over 2 million travelers each day.  There are 22 airlines that have to approve of all items that go into their catalog…so before getting excited about our success with the two sky mall execs, we still need to keep our fingers crossed that no one in the 22 airlines has a problem with the topic of urination.

So that was our week.  It was fun, nerve-wracking, exciting, scary, exhilarating, and educational.  It was the best time I’ve had in a long time and I learned so much about myself, as a sales rep, than I ever imagined!

-Kristyn Snyder


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