The GoPilot Wheel Chair Kit! COMING SOON!!!

Make the GoPilot Your CoPilot!Kolter Enterprises has a new product!!!  The GoPilot Wheelchair Kit!!!  This kit is a washable bag with toiletry pockets that allows a person in a wheelchair to discreetly carry, store, and use a GoPilot.  It comes with hand sanitizer and toilet tissue also.

When [Kolter Enterprises] first started mapping out the perfect demographics we were so busy focusing on truck drivers and commuters that we didn’t realize the prevalent need for GoPilots in the medical industry!

We recently discovered that about 20% of the american population is disabled, and there are various breakdowns for the cause (mental vs physical).

Number of wheel chair users and walker users:
1,500,000  people over age 75
1,500,000 people from age 45-75
250,000 people from age 25-45
and approximately 10,000,000 people need help with ADL   (activities of daily living).
In general, over 25 million people have a chronic medical condition that limit them physically ….heart disease, back/arthritis, asthma, visual imapirment etc.
So if you are one of these people (or you know someone who is) email us at and we can send you more information on how the GoPilot will help improve the quality of life for people with any of these conditions!
Make the GoPilot your CoPilot!!!

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