The GoPilot won the “Next 100 Million Dollar Product” Contest on Radio Show!

Three amazing inventions....but the GoPilot pulled through with the lead!

Well the results are in!  After being interviewed on the wonderful radio show on (even with the telephone glitch that cut off and muted half of our interview) we won the popular vote!  We were up against some great competition- two other inventions that are certainly wonderful ideas…. but at the end of the few days of voting (via text, twitter,, and the survey on the actual website, the results came in with 59% of the vote going to the GoPilot!!!

Kolter Enterprises is SO excited to have been apart of this contest.  My Cool Inventions Radio Show is a fantastic opportunity for new inventors to showcase their inventions.

The radio show is hosted by Akos Jankura and John Cremeans.  They provide expert advice on the industry of inventing products and how to successfully produce a product from inception to retail. They ‘take on’ 3 products per week and after discussions and interviews, it becomes a “reality radio show” where the listener gets to vote on the winner!

Check out for more information and to listen to past radio shows!


…and THANKS to all of the supporters and listeners who voted and helped make us “THE NEXT 100 MILLION DOLLAR PRODUCT” contest winner!!!

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