Top 10 Reasons why every truck driver needs a GoPilot

Top 10 Reasons why every truck driver needs a GoPilot:

GoPilot go pilot portable urinal for men, women and children

The GoPilot Portable Urinal for Men and Women

So you are about to hit the open road and nervous about it? Here are some reasons why YOU need a GoPilot Portable Urinal device!

10. “Pee Bombs” (bottles of urine) are polluting our nation’s highways costing millions of tax dollars to clean up!

9. The liter sized (as well as the 3-liter) GoPilot tank ensure there’s no overflow!

8. You don’t need to hunt for empty bottles (i.e. Trash!) in the truck when the need arises and there’s no stop in sight!

7. You can impress your boss by arriving much earlier than intended- from not having to stop, find parking, and walk into a crowded rest-stop multiple times per trip!

6. With SEVERAL of the nation’s rest stops closing due to budget cuts, you don’t have to “gamble” on IF you can make it to the next stop!

5. If you are female, or travel with a female passenger, you no longer have to worry!

4. You can comfortably order an EXTRA LARGE caffeinated beverage to stay alert on the road!

3. You avoid a $500 fine getting caught throwing away a bottle of urine in a public trashcan!

2. You can confidently drive safely (after it’s been proved that driving with a full bladder IS AS dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol!)

1. You avoid becoming a registered sex offender for indecent exposure (urinating in public)

Still not fully convinced? Visit to learn more!

*Make the GoPilot your Co-Pilot*


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