Why EVERY trucker NEEDS a GoPilot Portable Urinal!

EVERY Truck Driver NEEDS a GoPilot Portable Urinal!

All truck drivers should have a GoPilot portable urinal system because:

  • Some truckers have a habit of urinating in empty bottles and littering these Trucker Bombs” on the highways.  This results in thousands of dollars of fines each year to major trucking companies.  The worst part is, even if the bottles aren’t littered (and disposed of in truck stop trashcans) that too, can result in a $500 fine due to improper disposal of human waste!  1


  • Dr. Peter Snyder (a Rhode Island medical doctor) has spent years of research to finally prove that driving with a full bladder is equivalent to driving under the influence of alcohol.  A full bladder can affect one’s decision making ability and reaction time the same as a blood alcohol level of .05 would.  That is dangerous for the driver, other motorists, and the trucking company’s reputation! 2


  • Several truck stops and rest stops are closing due to lack of funding.  Open rest stops are becoming few and FAR between. 3


  • Truckers that pull off the side of a highway to urinate in the woods can now risk becoming a sex offender!  Urinating in public is an Indecent Exposure crime…which is now considered a sex offense 4


  • Truck drivers with NO place to urinate may try to find a way to shield themselves using their own tractor trailer.  This particular move caused a death of a truck driver in Vermont last July, 2011.  This trucker desperately needed to urinate and there was no rest stop around.  He stood in front of his trailer but the truck began to “lurch” forward, running him over and dragging him several feet. 5


Check out our website www.TheGoPilot.com for more information and for more GoPilot products available (such as the Gas Can Adapter to allow the GoPilot tube to screw into ANY size gas can for maximum volume!)


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